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July 10, 2009


Jeffrey Engel

Hilarious. I was talking in my studio to a 14 or 15 year old girl who appeared to be passively interested in photography. Admittedly I got a bit passionate about steering this youngling in the right direction and started comparing film to digital. She asked "what's film again?" I'm not kidding.



As a 23-year-old who knew (and LOVED) (and tried to learn the dances for) the Opposites Attract video long before American Idol, I'm ashamed of my fellow 23-year-olds who didn't know that until now.

becca be commentin'

I think that video is REALLY hilarious - it should have a title card that reads "from the makers of Space Jam and Who Framed Roger Rabbit"...
then again, I'm younger than your tipster.


Man, I am 21 and I am older than this 23 year old. Oh, my misspent youth, gone forever! I didn't even realize it, I thought I had more time...

What are we talking about again?

Anyway, time to get ready for bingo. I'm feeling lucky tonight. Maybe I'll finally win the $25 gift certificate for Ole Times Country Buffet! Fingers crossed. Ouch, my arthritis! Where are my glasses? Gonna rain soon...

Uncle Grambo

I just watched that video. I didn't realize that was the same MC Skat Kat who went on to be a major international star of stage and screen! What are the chances?


Shut up (not you, Lindsay). I'm 21 and even I know that video. I even know about Carman's Christian version of M.C. Skat Kat, Lawrence the Kat. The kid just needs perspective.

I'm not bragging, I just really wanted to post a link to Lawrence the Kat & Carman.


arthur great

I may be only 22, but I double-majored in getting high and watching VH1 Classic, so I know about ancient history like that.


I am afraid to watch this video again, because as a young boy, I really loved it, and I don't think I can give it one of those "Oh, I was young" passes like you do for the TMNT movies. Seriously-- I'm afraid to watch Newsies again for the same reason.

Unrelated note: my father told me recently his biggest fear when I was growing up was that I would turn out to be gay.


newsies is still good.

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