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July 15, 2009


becca be commentin'

thank you for this, lindsay.
there are strange things happening at videogum.
i'm afraid.


I agree. Videogum is all fine and dandy, but one visit to Lindsayism and it reinforces how much we miss you (and cute teacup dogs! and cats, and 30 rock references....)


It's nice that the article specifies that he's about the size of a stick of butter. As if the teacup pose and the marshmallowy appearance weren't making me associate this animal with food enough. Perfect.


So wait, this fur ball was EVEN SMALLER and by my own assumptions EVEN CUTER and these people didn't fall in love with him right off the bat? I say we save this dog! I don't think they love it enough!! We would love it more!!!


I concur at missing you presence at Videogum. Gabe's post begin to grate when I don't have yours to brake up the general air of misanthropy in all of Gabe's writing.

Videogum needs a post to be tagged as 'cute as balls' stat.

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