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July 02, 2009



I'm so, so glad that the crack news team spent time explaining what a dvd is and showing us some examples. I would have been so confused otherwise.


I like how there are several ominous shots of the dvd in question throughout the news clip. I don't know what other related footage they could have shown but come on now.


"A DVD, that would look something like this."

Yeah, most likely it would be EXACTLY like that. It being a DVD and all. Unless there are some non-shiny. square DVDs out there.

Also, you're right. It's not like it was a betamax tape she was working with, with some forgotten stuff at the end. I can't imagine you would keep all of your Classroom Field Trip Memories files with your Blowing My Boyfriend on the Couch files on your laptop. At least, that's not how I sort my avi's.


You forgot at :04 when the news anchor says, "...with more than just class rememories."


I like to laugh about the fact that it was somebody's job at that TV station to get that prop DVD ready. Steve! We need a DVD and a case! You know we're going to get letters again if we don't do our due diligence!


When I was in high school a media arts teacher got fired for taking home one of the school cameras to make a sex tape and then forgetting to take the tape out and bringing it back to school. Only one student got to see it in that case. I mean had to see it.


'You forgot at :04 when the news anchor says, "...with more than just class rememories."'

You dumbfuck. She said "classROOM memories."

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