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July 02, 2009



Connect Four (or Moron Checkers) wasn't even fun before I knew that trick. It's no Battleship, I'll tell you that much.

I'm still wondering if I can find enough nerds to play that German game Settlers of Catan. It had a write-up in the Atlantic, you guys! It's about trading natural resources and building settlements! You get two die!

Anyone? Anyone?

Rayan Relation

Connect four - classic game ! When i was kid i was a bit addicted to the game. Now there are lots of similar video games , but its not the same. Much more fun playing with the chips..


No one tell Kanye about this. He loves this game too much. I couldn't bear an ALL CAPS EXPOSE ABOUT CONNECT FOUR!!!!!!


Doesn't mean its not a way fun game. I used to be seriously addicted to Connect4 between the ages of 8-10. Ah, good times...

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