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June 29, 2009



Megan Fox?
Will New York Mag let you gossip monger a cat instead?


nothing that cool ever happened to me. i was an extra on the set of the breakup (i knoooooow) and mimed the international symbol for BLOWJOB to jennifer aniston. no pay raise, but i did mess up a take in the bowling alley because she laughed. and got fired for my shenanigans.


I remember my friend talking about this when I saw this movie the first time but it's even better when Spike snickers at it.


I'm sad for you, but glad that one of my daily reads is back up and running. Welcome back to the Five & Dime, Jimmy Dean!


Doesn't Spike mean that the cast of The Real World: Cancun got their collective SAG cards/WOW! Science Weekly write up after they traveled back in time and threw a beer can at John Malcovich?

I'm glad that you're still on the internet.


That is fucking great.


A not-inauspicious start! Re-start! I don't know.

Spike Jonze's voice does not at all sound like how I thought it would. He sounds like he has a cold or something.


Hi Lindsay! I feel a little like a creeper for having followed you, but we all miss you at videogum. Thank god you didn't just die like all of our other American icons.


Don't let the celebrity gossip steal too many brain cells!

Enjoyed the video...his yell of pain did sound real.

And good work as an extra, Becca!


the john malkovich video is incredible. He was once on my flight from LAX to JFK and i internally freaked out for like 5 minutes.


What, I go to Italy for 2 weeks and suddenly you're no longer on the a blog that has been a daily LOL for the last 5 months?

I s'pose I can add yet another site to browse through... :)

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