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August 04, 2008


Josh Rosen

If you had posted that damn thing on eBay and described it as being shaped like the apostle Peter, the bidding would still be going hot and heavy.


two things:

1. I do not believe this chicken finger was intentionally animal-shaped. I mean, look at it. That is a miracle chicken finger. It is obvious.

2. Also, it is not shaped like a chicken. It is shaped like a buffalo with antlers.


That is an amazing nugget. No way are there bunny-shaped nuggets out there in the world; I mean, bunnies are even the secondary Peeps character. No chicken factory out there is like hey, lets go capture that bunny-chicken finger market. Because there isn't one - no one really likes to eat bunnies unless they are purely chocolate. Do not toss your miracle bunny nugget!!

Ron Mwangaguhunga

That chicken finger is a cultural Rorsach test. You see in that chicken finger what is the deepest essence of yourself.

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