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May 15, 2008


Hank Katts

I hate that show, I can't stand it. My sister watches it sometimes but I can't stand even to listen to it.


My oh my this show needs to die!!! SJP's voice sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard everytime that I hear it! Not to mention that she has the face of the KY Derby winner! None of them have any talent nor are the least bit attractive. The blonde chick is horribly ugly and the other two are somewhat attractive until they open their mouths.


I'm fully aware of how terrible that show is, but I find it totally fascinating in a really condescending way.

Also I get this sadistic kind of schadenfreude when bad things happen to Carrie & Friends and they whine about it like the weak, self-absorbed monsters the show's creators (and, apparently, millions of actual women in this country) seem to think all women are.

...Does that make me sexist? Am I sexist now? Fuck.

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