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March 07, 2008


Josh Rosen

If you weren't so rough on puppies, you'd have a dog to keep the mice away.


A few years ago, my sister and I had a serious mouse problem in the apartment we shared, and after realizing that the mice were too smart for the humane traps (they stole the Pringles out of them and munched on them right in front of us), we got those awful sticky traps. I realized one was caught when we heard the squealy sad cries of one that wandered in to it, and it was just pitiful. My sister and I read the instructions on the box to try to figure out how to free it (there had to be a way!), and it recommended vegetable oil to get the mouse loose. We had no vegetable oil. The closest thing we had was butter-flavored Pam, so we sprayed that thing down with almost the entire can, while using a spork (didn't want to use the *good* plasticware) to try to pry the mouse off at the same time. And, yay!, it worked. Poor little soggy, butter-flavored mouse.


Can't you get the poison? It works, and it's not as traumatic as the death trap route.


aside from very funny mouse story, great use of TWSS

Liz K

I wont go into the whole sad/gory story, but suffice it to say, I've never felt like more of an asshole then when I had to bust out the glue traps. It ends well for neither party involved.


first of all thats an amaaazing anecdote. award-winning. and second, i hate glue traps -- i remember sitting up at night in my 1st nyc apartment, hearing their little feet patter across, get stuck, then that little squeaky whine sound, and then the sound of them pattering away off of it. ugghhahh


That sort of trap seems cruel on both side of the issue. When I was a kid my parents used them in their business and you would just see the mouse stuck on the trap. It was horrible think that it would soon be knawing at it's own legs to get out of the trap. Talk about mental torture!

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