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February 06, 2008



OMG, that is HOTT!!


Oh Stephen Colbert, just one more reason to love you!! Especially for the tear drop mime bit - one of the most under-appreciated comedic gestures. Priceless!

sylvia plath

OMG. i am dying. that is so incredible. i wonder what other bits of indie goodness he has hiding in him?

Patrick M

OMG the guy from Elephant Larry is a Huge Neutral Milk Hotel Fan!


If only Stephen had also been there the time you took it upon yourself to sing the whole of that album while drunk on cheap white wine in Vermont. (Good times, good times...)

Miranda D.

OH MY FREAKING FRANK! That is so AWESOME! That's, like, beyond words amazering, lol! Damn, I envy Miss Stephanie. That is just super cooly, lol.

Uncle Grambo

Fabulous story!


I DID THAT TOO! on the 7th i went to colbert report and when that song came on me and my friend freaked out and then we noticed that colbert was singing along and when he looked at us we all sang together. i can't believe my special moment has been shared with others. but seriously he must do this every night!!! so awesome!!


Just found your awesome blog today via Stereogum.
Also, this is a great story.

Take care.


Would you be surprised if you come to a small country in Southeastern Europe (Macedonia), and you see a person with headphones on, eyes closed, mouthing I love you Jesus Cuhriiiiiist as he walks down the street (me)?! Jeff Mangum is a frickin' world superstar! It's only what he deserves. God bless that genius.


i love colbert but i could live with him (as in survive).

but some more neutral milk hotel in my life would be an awesome thing so i'm down for doing everything possible to ge a live show out of them:

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