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February 29, 2008




Mary Mouse

Congratulations! AND you get to work with Gabe...that is so cool!

Josh Rosen

Congratulations, Lindsay...you da MAN! (Uh...so to speak.)


I don't think I've ever commented before, and you've probably already seen this, but just in case not: http://www.slate.com/id/2185219/nav/tap3/

Congrats on your job and great site!


Awesome! I can't wait to add it to the RSS feed!


Congratulations! This sounds totally awesome.

Uncle Grambo



Awesome! Sounds sweet!


WOW, Lindsay, this is PERFECT for you! Congrats!!

The Comic's Comic


I'm thoroughly enjoying watching great bloggers get their due after paying their dues. The power of Stereogum, combined with Lindsayism and Corporate Casual! Meanwhile, Defamer has been taken over by Uncle Grambo and Skeet on Mischa. Which Website can we assume control of next?


I am excited about this! And I am very glad that you are a part of it.
Well done.

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