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January 08, 2008



Yeah, I think your recollection of "Rees-ees Piece-ees" is pulled from the accompanying commercials, not the movie.


It does appear to be looking that way. So you know what that means! WE'RE BOTH RIGHT! Yay!!

Patrick M

I don't think he says it in the film; I'm pretty sure you're remembering a commercial. FWIW, I just looked at a script online; leaving aside for the moment that the script starts off by describing the title with "The letters are in soft-purple against a black background. Purple is traditionally the color of that which is sacred", there's no mention of Reese's Pieces in it...

note 1: I had the novelization of the screenplay when I was a kid (?!) and throughout it, they were referred to as "M&Ms"

note 2: my in-laws pronounce "Reese's" so that it rhymes with "feces" and maybe they should stop?

Patrick M

But wait: maybe we're not even remembering the right alien?


I gotta go with the commercial only, but there's no way in h-e-double-hockey-sticks that I'm watching that movie to verify. Snopes has a interesting read on the marketing side of things.



Just the commercials!


The script is inconclusive because it doesn't refer to anything other than "candy" even in stage directions...the script you can get online dates from before the product placement deal was struck with Hershey, so it's possible a line could have been introduced afterwards and included in the movie.

That is a funny note about the novelization calling them M&M's. M&M/Mars famously turned down the product placement deal before it was offered to Hershey.

I think the Atari game just called it "candy," but I'm not sure.


In a book I read about Hershey's and Mars candy wars, the script called for M&Ms, but the Mars company (family) decided not to participate. Hershey's was not so foolish and sales of Reese's, which weren't that spectacular before, spiked significantly.


Wow, I think the E.T. post set the record for comments!


I always thought he ate M&Ms.

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