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December 31, 2007


Liz K

I am a big David Cross fan, and I find it odd that fans begrudge him work.

And he was really funny in She's the Man, which was a suprisingly good movie overall, so he should consider actually watching it someday.


I was going to post something about how inane, self-righteous and utterly beside the point most of Cross's response was, but the Onion AV Club's Steve Hyden beat me to it.

But two points he didn't cover. 1) It annoys the shit out of me how dismissive Cross is of children's movies. That kind of "It's just for kids, who cares?" attitude is the reason children's entertainment is consistently subpar and insulting. 2) What's w/ the unnecessary shitting on other comedians/actors that had nothing to do with this like Jim Breuer and Jason Lee? Who does he think he is?

Jim Treacher

Unnecessary shitting on other comedians/actors is kind of his thing.

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