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October 24, 2007



A few weeks ago I was watching tv and a little pop-up ad kept appearing in the lower right corner of the screen and then faded away.

And my right hand kept flailing to the side.

Because I am conditioned that when a little square appears and then vanishes in the lower right side of the screen, it means I have email and I need to check it immediatly by clicking on the square before it vanishes.


Was the word taco vs. tacos? I have similar issues, best thing to do: let it slide. Someone will point it out and the nature of the blogosphere is there are many, many grammatical mistakes made by the sheer speed of posting...tacos v. taco.


Last night I watched a some television as I waited for my dinner to be delivered.

Worker #3116

How many times are we going to play this "whoops, I forgot the tag" game?


The tag is now there. I actually meant to use it. I love these comments.


I instinctively try and Undo an action two or three times a day.

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