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September 21, 2007



can i admit how gay i am and say that i watched sean penn on oprah yesterday and it was fucking awesome. Love the book, i'm so seeing the movie and i only see like 2 movies a year.


You should read The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert. It has similar themes, and it sort of like what might have happened to Chris McCandless had he survived.


Very, very powerful movie, highly recommended. Though Penn makes more than a few ill-advised aesthetic choices, I was impressed at the performances he was able to capture. Besides the obvs. lead one, it's remarkable how much the supporting actors are able to invest relative to their screen time.

I was also relieved that it wasn't a simple paean to McCandless, showing that his act was equal parts admirable, courageous, self-righteous and hopelessly misguided. It would be interesting to pair this film w/ Grizzly Man and compare the posthumous reputations of the two men. (Sorry for once again making my comment the length of the post...)


I really want to see the movie, but it's not playing in the area where I live. Do you know of a website that lists where it's being released at, because I can't? Thanks!

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