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September 27, 2007



Hey Lindsay - read your article on The Vulture before I found this post... I broke out laughing out loud right at work when I read your Greg "balls" comment. Totally unexpected, but totally true. I like the show despite the criticism, btw...


I told the bf that I was glad to see that in this "day and age" Ethiopia is still the go to country.

I would have expected Somalia, Sudan or Rwanda to have gained some ground in the "it could be worse..." game but Ethiopia is holding strong.

Also, when making the bf watch the show again last night I was labeled a sadist. Still, the best comment to date was last week after Sophia's observation that she is "surrounded by stupid people", the bf casually replied, "now she knows what it's like to be a grown up".

I can't wait for next week's twister.


Taylor was an immense disappointment this episode -- "Marie Antoinette," indeed. There will be a coup soon, but I predict she fights through it.

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