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August 03, 2007


I'm so excited to see The Ten, but it doesn't even open where I live until the 17th. perfect.


Agreed. Probably the second funniest movie this summer (after El Cantante). Ken Marino is a national treasure. Vahina.


If you didn't catch Paul Rudd on Fresh Air last week, you should check it out on iTunes. Apparently he was on Accutane during his adolescence and had blackheads in his ears (the answer to the obvious question "how can you be both hot and funny")

Clown Coffee

I went to see The Ten last night. It had some laughs, but the audience here in Washington was not laughing when I wanted to laugh. (D.C. is so humor-impaired it's ... not even funny!). The point I wanted to make though is don't you think *Gabe* is within spitting distance of having a cameo/extra role in the next all-hands-on-deck project by the Strangers with Candy/Reno 911/W.H.A.S./etc. alumni crowd?

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