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August 06, 2007



First, full disclosure: I've never gone to the movies with Linds. (Hey, that shorthand is an inside joke I have with Lock that even you wouldn't get! Trust me, not funny.) But if I had or do in the future - very unlikely for several reasons but mainly because I hate watching movies anywhere except from the comfort of my couch and within sprinting distance to my shitter - I would not hesitate to make a mess of my area with organic, sustainable treats and their biodegradable containers. Here's why:

While I pity the theater staff, I theoretically paid $10-15 or whatever jack-off price it is these days so I can enjoy an air-conditioned room for roughly 2 hours more or less. Sidewalks are public spaces and it takes city dollars to keep them clean. Everyone should feel obligated to do their part. Theaters are private companies and have a staff whose job it is to keep the joint clean and let us be pigs at the prices they charge us. If it sucks for them, maybe they should start a union or something.


That was my friends' argument. But it's just as easy to throw your trash out on the way out as it is to throw it on the floor! Also, the whole "passive aggressive" thing is sort of a ruse -- the friend in question is one of my "non blog- reading" friends, conveniently.


It's not about what's "easy" to do. When I throw trash on a movie theater floor, I am making a statement, two actually: "Fuck You Hollywood" and "Sorry dudes, your next job will probably be better than this."


I could have done a better job of managing my expectations. The Ten didn't quite live up to them. But I LOL'd quite a few times. I predict that - like WHAS and The Baxter - it will get better with more viewings.

Also, I've given similar lectures to my movie-going companion about picking up after himself. Was he raised in a barn?!


I was raised on a houseboat in Spain. But I guess that's not really relevant......

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