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July 10, 2007



I didn't know that Jane was closing! This makes me sad too. Like when Sassy turned into that totally gay thing.

I check the Jane blog everyday cause I really like Rebecca's post about mucis (it's a coincidence that I share her name...this isn't like, THE Rebecca). That blog turned me on to The Blow and Get 'Em Eat Em and You Say Party We Say Die.

Granted finsing new music on the internet is really easy, but I really loved the Jane Music Blog for it's Janeish slant to music.

Also, I found YOUR blog by way of the Jane Blog. And now I check your blog about every day.

Consider this my endorsement of your Jane website idea (provided they retain Rebecca's music advice.)


LR -- ITA about the Jane as web thing. Don't you wish we could put together our piggy banks and buy it?


Interesting comments for sure. But I would guess (and no one would mistake me for an executive or anything) that the thing is that Conde Nast is in the magazine business, not the website bidness. They see the websites as just something they have to do to serve the magazines. And I don't think there's anything necessarily wrong with that. Long live print!

And frankly, I liked Jane enough when I'd pick it up randomly at the gym or whatever, but I only ever checked the website when you were posting there. And I bet there are a lot of people like me -- girls who were all nostalgic and "ain't that a shame" for five minutes on Monday, and then went back to not really caring about women's magazines at all.


I used to like Jane and then I was reading it about a year ago and saw that it said something to the effect of "the magazine for 20 somethings". I'm 31 so I like how they just decided to throw my age group out of the window. 30s are way better than 20s anyway :)


sigh im pretty bummed, jane has my blog linked and now the site is going away too? the only mag i ever bought to read on airplanes.

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