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July 05, 2007



I'm amazed you could pick just one video to post. I was torn between posting all or none. I went with none, because if my friends aren't watching it yet, they'd get ripped off just seeing the songs.

Also, have you encountered the people who are all "The version of [whatever song] on the show was ok, but the original live version is way better"? I think it's the BBC/NBC Office argument for 2007.


It totally is! I've been having that argument with people (I come down on the side of live version) and this whole time I've been thinking to myself "You know, it feels like the last time you argued for comedy nerd authenticity you ended up caving in and liking the new version better anyway" but I couldn't remember what it was, but it was totally the Office. Alright, I guess I'd better switch sides now and beat the rush.

Steve Garfield

Hi Lindsay,
That was great.

Now I'll watch the show.

You're my friend on Twitter now. ;-)

Now you have 2.



I don't really twitter, I facebook status update. hahaha, that sounds snobby but it's straightforward.


I'm on the other side of the fence - in fact, I am almost mad at myself for watching the HBO Comedy Special because it spoiled the show a little.

There are too many great moments to name - so I'll spare you my favorites but it's truly brilliant. (Also, having lived in NZ makes it just a little bit funnier - posters in the band managers office).


Also their Bowie space song is probably my favorite. Seems like it might be tricky to work into the narrative of the show.



britt... britt. hey, britt... britt.


that show is amazing. discovered in on demand.


I love the show. I can't believe how great it is. It's not even a TV show. It's given me hope again in TV. Such a fan. Where's their fan club, where do the guys live, NY? or NZ. (doubt the former)

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