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July 03, 2007



I deeply profoundly believe that I love you. Also, nice tag. Also, add Scary Sadshaws tag?

Worker #3116

Whenever I go through a really hard break up, a lot of people love you, soon so happy and strong, on your side, hang out with your best friends, totally brave.


I'm so sorry! How are you holding up? I'm certain he will realize what a huge mistake he made and come running back to you. By then you will have moved on and be totally over him and it will be HIS LOSS!



kudos. it takes courage to admit you were in a relationship.


@ Laura: That totally happened in June of 2004!!
@ Narnia: You're not even going to anon username hit on me?? That's cold.

Wayne Gladstone

That fool! Run away with me.

Turn ons:
Talking about being Jewish, but only for secular comedic purposes without any religious observance.

Turn offs: Keeping Kosher.

Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, circumcized, but only for secular comedic purposes.


Responding to your more urgent query:

Yes. Peach because it's summertime. (Alternatively: one scoop peach, one scoop raspberry.)

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