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July 17, 2007



I've been talking up FOTC for the last 3 months so it's fun to see people talking about it. HOWEVER, I take a certain amount of offense (ie, not much, but enough) to your point about only a certain type of New Yorker getting it. I live in Phoenix, all of my friends love this show and we get ALL the jokes. All of them.


Hey! Actually, I was trying to say the exact opposite: that the show feels like it has been allowed to have a specific point of view, and that they trust (smart) people everywhere to appreciate that. That's what the Kansas line was about - that it doesn't feel like they think people in Kansas are dumb. I see how it's not totally clear, though.


I enjoyed this piece and love the show. But then I'm a kiwi. I was actually really worried that the humour wouldn't go down well here but it seems like they're being well received.

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