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June 13, 2007



I lived for this show when I was a kid. Having had very few friends, I'd force my father to help me recreate some of the things he did. Mr. Wizard also kicked off my years-long obsession with Litmus paper. I used to test everything--my dinner, bathwater, sweat, etc--for acidity. This, coupled with a crippling fear of talking to strangers, may explain the whole "no friends" thing.

Beth S

I never liked science, but there was something about that show...
What's weird is that I just watched one of those "I love the __'s" shows on VHI a few days ago, and they had a segment on Mr. Wizard and I felt so nostalgic. Now all the girls have is Bratz. That's why our generation is so much better

Ashley S

This was the hey dey of Nickelodeon for me. My favorite episode had something to do with sprinkling powder into a fish tank so that when you stuck your forearm into it, it didn't get wet! Excitement!

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