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May 02, 2007



Uh...I don't know any of these people but I don't think the Mishapes guy came off as THAT awful here. Yeah, he fundamentally didn't get Mr. Mohney's right as editor to reject the piece at will, but he had a point that BSL (and Gawker as a whole, these days) is uneven and sometimes lame itself. The bitterly disparaging Gawker commenters would be okay if they were actually funny too. That time they all got flopsweatily desperate for Worker 3116 after those glamour shots was funny though.


I think the "don't email me again" thing was pretty obviously douchey, but I guess I'm coming from the position of knowing that dude to be a total db. It was a generous idea to offer the object of ridicule to use the same big-traffic forum to strike back, and this guy was too much of a diva to realize that.


Magic. Pure, stupid and incredibly gay. Of course I love it on Tuesday and twice every other day of the week.

Worker #3116

It is not uncommon to confuse "funny" with "terrifying."

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