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May 15, 2007


Worker #3116

Just to be clear, you're using the second-tier definition of "ding dong," which is the onomonopoetic of a ringing bell, such as a church bell.

Not the primary definition of "ding dong" as in "You're an asshole, DING DONG!"

Worker #3116

Actually, both definitions seem to work here.

Max Silvestri

Gabe, the primary definition of "ding dong" is more like "I am going to try to think up a name for this hockey puck-shaped chocolate snack cake that has white cream filling injected in the middle because you're an asshole, DING DONG! Sweet, I did it."


When I learned of this today, I went on YouTube, found a clip from The Wizard of Oz, and cranked that song up for all of CubicleLand to hear.

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