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April 10, 2007



"do you know how difficult it is right now to not be kind of mad over the fact that this dude is NOTHING like what his persona is in his novel?" Umm, did you read his novel or his website? The guy personifies all the things that are wrong with, well, screw it: he's a total douche. This is a great link, Lindsay.

sylvia plath

anyone who spells that name with a y cannot be trusted. also, teat is spelled with an a. i think this girl has a twin in NC. she reminds me so much of a girl i met and decided in a brief moment of insanity to befriend at a concert. thank God that moment is over.


thank you thank you thank you. the quote about dave matthews makes this truly advanced.


There is no hope for our youth.


That. Was. Awesome.
I paticularly liked this part: "i knew it was just tricks.or it was probably because i got drunk earlier in the day, did a rail, drank some kava (kava is a natural plant root that you shake up with water. it tastes like Earth and you normally need a chaser, but the effects are very calming and numbing. it helps out with anxiety), and was in a more mellow and relaxed state of mind."

Mark Coatney

Wtf? She turned her blog to private. Crap--there are about eight people I want to show this too. Anybody make a copy?


I put up a copy here: http://takendownlink.blogspot.com/

I love you. I didn't know at first who was more odious, the Dethroned Douche or the girl who wanted to sleep with him in the first place, but I'm hoping maybe she's young enough that she'll figure something out as she goes?
God save the children!

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