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November 13, 2006



Team Pam, of course. Pam is smart, funny and doesn't shoot people. Karen has all the personality of Jim's last girlfriend, the lovely European blow-up doll.


I think all you Roy/Angela fans are missing something big...there was major eye-contact between those two during last week's episode...it was smoldering, to say the least. I wouldn't be surprised if there's Dwangela drama and Roy's involved. I'm totally Roy/Angela. Roy/Karen might be fun, too...but Roy seems way too blue collar for Karen. Just MHO.


When i first started reading your post I was militantly on Team Pam...but you really turned my mind around. Thanks.

PS. I really hate when people say "you have too much time on your hands." Not only is it insultng, but it's so boring. Like when people are all, "Oooooh KAAAAY...Um, did we skip our medas this morning?" People who say things like this need more time on their hands to think of snappy comebacks. Jennifer, I'm lookin at you.


I just have to give a big "A-FUCKING-MEN" to Alexa Grace, John Green, Weierd, laura schrute, and agree 100% with OfficeAddict (couldn't have said it better myself).

Am seriously considering buying a "Team Pam" shirt.


I'm on Team Jim. Think about it. The reason Jim told Pam he was seeing someone was because she broke his heart. He likes her, she likes him, but, it can't happen right away. Jim's still a little hurt, and Karen's nice. So....can you blame him. Give it some time. If Jim and Karen get together, it'll suck, but, it won't last. The big thing, that would totally be terrible, is if Pam and Roy get back together, Cause Roy sucks. No doubt about it. He's a jerk, even if he says he's changed. It won't last.


It'll never happen but I want to see "crazy Kelly fallout galore"! That would just make me happy.

I may be on Team Karen, but I could never be on Team Andy.

Team Dwight! (AKA Dwight Army of Champions)

Jacqueline Chastain

Karen will not break Jim's heart. Jim will break hers. Jim was pushed away by Pam and has had a lot of time away in a completely different environment - in the meantime, this attractive, funny, intelligent woman is into him. Kind of like a summer romance for him. I think Jim is still in love with Pam - and will EVENTUALLY make these feelings known (not this season) - Karen and Jim's "thing" will be over and the (J&P) dance will begin again. They had to shake things up! Incidently, I love the Karen character. Maybe she could stick around. Ya know, like Frasier did in Cheers.


I agree with Jacqueline Chastain regarding Jim and Karen. I don't see Karen's character as sophisticated. I see her more like the nerd girl described by Claire. It would be better for the show if Jim gets with Karen, then breaks up with her because he realizes he still loves Pam. Karen breaking up with Jim, causing him to run back to Pam probably puts Jim, Pam, and Karen in a bad light.


forget pam vs. karen - what about Team Andy vs. Team Dwight?

PS totes team karen and dwight

Pete B

What about Jim & Jan?!?


I have to agree with Jacqueline Chastain. Karen won't break Jim's heart, he'll end up dumping her when he realizes he still loves Pam. I don't see the Karen character as sophisticated but more like Claire described, a nerd girl.

I think the scenario - Jim gets Karen, Jim dumps Karen, Jim gets Pam, Jim and Pam realize they're better as friends would work best for the show. Karen dumping Jim would make both characters look bad. Pam taking a dumped Jim would be weird, too.


roy wasn't that bad to pam.
He never hit her or cheated on her, he was just clueless and you can't blame a guy for that.

Karen all the way.


Karen all the way. She’s much more confident, funny, and very beautiful.
Pam is unsure of herself, has a lot of issues and looks like she should be working in a library. Karen is the future, Pam is the past.


pretty much all the good arguments have been made, so all i'll say is:


During what interview did John say that about Jim and Pam? And when? Just wondering... I'd like to read the whole thing. I've read recent quotes where he says he hopes they eventually end up together, so just wanting to see when this one was....



???? You are pointing fingers at the wrong person, my comment was the one above.


Team Kelly, for her comments about Suri Cruise alone. Don't hate!

And if we return to our British Office point of reference, Tim had the relationship with that blonde girl from the other office in the second series, and it made Dawn v. jealous. Karen is that girl, the American Office has just taken longer to get to it. Jim and Karen will get together, but, as many have said, it'll just be a launching point for the Jim/Pam love affair to begin.

And I'm waiting breathlessly...


What about the look on Jim's face after he told Pam he was seeing Karen? He's still in love with Pam.


I totally agree with TeamJim. I think Pam was engaged, Jim knew she was engaged, and would he really want to be with someone who would dump her fiance that easily? I also wouldn't want to be rebound for either of them.

I don't get the Karen thing - I think she is not as attractive as Pam. I don't think she is a she-nerd. I think she is trying to get along in a male-dominated field (sales) and there are tons of women who play video games. I don't think Jim is into her, but if they date he might get into her.

Pam and Jim are in no way Rachel and Joey. Yuck! How can you even mention that lame ass show in the same website as The Office! That was also a last ditch attempt to create conflict in a show that was way past its prime. Jim and Pam will get together, and make fun of Dwight and Michael forever.

I have no interest in new "sensitive" Roy. He can stay at Bob Vance Refrigeration for all I care. He wasn't the right person for Pam and she wasn't for him either. If he must come back, I think him and Angela would be better and Dwight could date someone else. I'm sure they can find someone for him.

Pam and Jim all the way. Karen can move to NYC and find herself.


In the midst of all of this karen!pam!karen! that's going on, I really care the very most about JIM himself. Jim fucking rocks. So we have to approach this from his projected perspective -- who is best for HIM?

I think Jim should, and will, date Karen for a little while. Maybe longer. Karen doesnt seem like the type of girl to turn into a succubus, though it is undoubtedly all going to get quite messy.

I have always wanted nothing more than for Jim and Pam to be together. I thought about it on long drives home, lying awake at night, and drinking my morning coffee. Seeing how much he cared about her was absolutely heartwrenching. And I was ecstatic when he told her that he loved her, and finally went in for the kiss.

So he put the ball in her court. and she's kinda lame so she didn't do anything with it for a long while. She's finding herself, getting more fashionable clothing, going on dates -- i really think she NEEDS to do this before she's at all suitable for a real relationship with Jim. But, for Jim, she has already taken too long.

It seems like Jim is already kinda "done", and I think its' totally cool that hes showing that to Pam. She's trying to get him into a place where she can tell him...what? that shes sorry? that shes in love with him? what would fix what she did to him? Obviously, he's resisting being put in that place, and yeah, he seems to be displaying a good amount of indifference, and certainly indignance -- he has a right to. He left with his tail between his legs and now not only does Pam want him, but he's got double the trouble. so to speak.

And besides, Pam was ENGAGED. so now maybe Pam's gotta taste her own medicine for a little bit before he finally gives in again.

In short, I truly believe that the final episode of this show will be the wedding of Jim and Pam.

Keep the faith!


All this talk, and not one person mentions poor Toby.

I think he's a dark horse choice for Pam's affection. He did try to ask her out, perhaps he gives it another shot, and Pam says ok to make Jim jealous?

They might not be right together, but it would be a great twist. Toby puts up with so much crap - he deserves something good to happen to him because Michael is terrible to him and if he could take Pam out, that would drive Michael (and Jim) CRAZY.
Also...perhaps Toby and Jan? They are both divorced and unhappy...


I think that Pam deserves a great guy like Toby!


It seems that in the midst of the raging debate between Karen and Pam that the perfect solution has been overlooked. When it comes to love, sometimes the most obvious answer is the one that is right before your eyes; however, it is often the one most hidden from view. I think that the best solution to the problem is this: Karen and Pam should be together. Before the ranting begins and I am denounced as delusional, I want to offer the strongest evidence of chemistry: the first time that Karen and Pam met. Karen's compliment of Pam's attire and Pam's flattered reaction from the observation (not to mention the long, passionate hormone bubbling gaze) leads to the obvious answer to add interest and excitement to the show. Forget Jim. Forget Roy. Even forget Toby. From my dreams to the screen: Pam and Karen forever.


Pam is awesome and always has been. She is one of those cute reserved girls that was probably ignored and treated like crap in high school. She really deserves a good guy. BUT, she hurt Jim and that is unacceptable. She should have dumped Roy’s sorry butt a long time ago – he is an idiot and going nowhere fast. Jim can’t crawl back to Pam; that would be stupid. I think the only way it could work is that Jim and Karen date and let Pam sweat it out for a while. When she is ready to stop being passive and seduce Jim, he should dump Karen (who then pulls a Jim and runs away to another state) and Jim and Pam live happily ever after and have a bunch of little kids that beat up Dwight and Angela’s kids. That is all.


Jim should stick with karen for the reasons already mentioned. As for Pam... Kevin is the real dark horse candidate for her love. He's good with kids, is in a band, and based on pam's past preferences, she tends to favor the full-figured male. Its gonna be Pevin in 2007, mark my words.

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