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November 13, 2006



Based on last night's episode "The Convict" I'm still going strong for Jim and Karen. They have such wonderful chemistry, and Jim deserves her. The last thing that the show needs is for Jim and Pam to actually get together. Where would that put Roy? He'd be completely destroyed that after all this time, his fiance was in love with another man--her bestfriend and his semi-co-worker. I'd feel like a complete tool. Probably go on another drinking binge.

I love Karen. She's absolutely perfect in my eyes.

AK guy

Karen seems like a lot of fun, she's a stunner, and she plays shooters. She's perfect.


I used to love Pam, but I tried to see it from Jim's point of view. He was humiliated and probably more than a little p'od at Pam. Any guy with any pride would feel the same way. I hope he ends up with Karen.


Pam messed up both jim's and roy's lives. She can't just give jim a hug and think everythings ok. She doesn't deserve jim.


Team Pam all the way. Karen is cool, nice, and I have no problems with her really... She just doesn't have that lovable relationship that we all had so much fun watching work itself out last season. I'm with all the other Team Pam-ers here: she was engaged and loyal, and called off the wedding which was bold of her character to do. Ultimately I want what's best for Jim, and I still think that Pam will eventually be what is best for him.

And how could you people be so fickle? Weren't you rooting for Pam & Jim last year?? Wasn't her calling off her wedding enough for you?

Though I will say that having them get together right away would be very anti-climatic...we want the Office to continue for as long as possible right??


John's November 14th comment got me thinking: it makes a lot of sense that the writers will ultimately pair Jim and Pam (there's too much momentum and fan loyalty there) and pair Karen with Roy (Karen already said that Roy was cute - and Karen has the kind of moxie that Roy would probably go for). The Karen/Roy story would need to evole and wrap our hearts into it, but that would be a satisfying answer for Teams Jim, Pam, Karen and Roy if they all find love, and it gives opportunity for crazy drama and emotion along the way. I agree with John that it's the best fit for the respective characters. For maximum churn, they might throw in an Angela/Dwight and/or a Kelly/Ryan triangle as well. And who knows how long it will take to actually reach that ultimate pairing: the show has at least another good 3 or 4 seasons before everyone cancels their contracts to do movies. Okay, time for me to stop making inconsequential conversation with myself now.


Team Karen! Not only is Karen beautiful, smart and way cool, but she is in the same league as Jim. They're at the same level professionally and are probably both college grads while Pam is only a secretary with a high school diploma. Pam's insecurities is because she's not as educated or successful as Jim -she belongs with blue-collar Roy. Sorry, Pam is not good enough for our beloved Jim.



I don't think women should be rewarded for having low self-esteem. Pam is a grown woman, and you just don't go throwing good men away. I don't care how hurt she feels inside about it.

Also, I don't know, John used to go out with Rashida (Karen) in real life and lobbyed really hard to get her on the show, so something tells me Rashida will be there for a long while.


How can you possibly resist Karen? Just look at the expression on her face after the paperclip explosion scene.


so...i do not do not do not like karen one bit, she is all wrong for jim. pam and jim need to get together forever!


Team Karen!
Her Jim face and Call of Duty talking heads made me fall in love with her character.
Anyway, it seems that Jim and Pam will get together eventually- so, the writers need to give Karen an awesome exit (ie. if she is leaving the show) or if she is staying on the show then let us have some more of her awesome talking heads.


from the most recent episodes, i think it's painfully obvious that karen is not the type to suck jim, chew him up, and spit him out. when she's singing the police's every little thing she does is magic, she clearly only has eyes for jim.


You all are hilarious. I love the offbeat pairings- Pam and Karen might be my favorite, but Jan/Jim is up there too. I love Toby; Toby is played so perfectly by that actor. But not for Pam. I love Kevin/Pam only because jimbo said "Pevin in 2007!"

And actually it does seem like the writers have put in flirting between almost all the characters at some point.

I'm with Team Karen for now. It doesn't seem long term to me, though. But she's smart, beautiful, really funny, and a great addition to the cast so I hope she stays around. And I can also see how Jim and Pam are quickly losing/have lost heat, so it's looking so much more appropriate for them to be great friends but not dating. Though heat is easy enough to regain, I guess. But please not between Pam and Roy (who is maybe off the show now? Noooo!). Roy is a totally wrong match. People who say, "well, he doesn't hit her! He's just a clueless oaf!" are kind of missing the good stuff in life. Hooray, what a prince, he doesn't hit her, he's just clueless! Folks, it does get better than that in a relationship. Pam and Jim's best friendship has shown us that. But I'm still waiting to see how they turn up the heat.

Have you all checked out the Office SexyBack video on YouTube? It is *hilarious.*


pam is just a tease, shes the kind of girl that would drive a guy to suicide, acting likes shes intrested and making a guy fall in love with her, then act all innocent, karen is a goriose peice of ass, and shes more fun and down to earch, fprget pam, she got a mustache anway


no! no! no! karen is all wrong for jim!!


Beautifully written. This pretty much sums up my underground cheers for Karen. I worked in a department that was mostly men--and it would have been fun to have a Jim around (and a Josh--very respectful). Otherwise, you are viewed as a threat--and you're already aware of your nerd-status. I love how John Krasinski defends Karen in interviews. Endearing.


Team Karen users. Add this Group on myspace!



Karen is spunky, has a great personality and is very beautiful. However, she's just not for jim. Pam is sweet, kind, has a great laugh and even better personality. And Jim loves her and she loves him. It just took a while for all the tangled webs to break. Jam all the way.

Dipshit McGee

I'm sorry but I have to go with rooting for Team Tim/Dawn. I mean, that's just... OBVIOUS, right? (Cue synthesizer riff from Yaz song "Only You." Reach for tissues.)

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