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November 13, 2006


John Green

Claire Zulkey is a friend of mine and everything, but if you're not on Team Pam, you're an asshole.


This was an interesting read, for sure, but Jim and Pam as the new Rachel and Joey? Oh hell no.


I totally saw the Rachel/Joey thing too, when Jim and Pam kissed at the end of "Casino Night', but I found it oddly heartwarming at the same time. But I'm digging this new dynamic, or lack thereof, which is caused by their separation. Cannot wait until Jim returns (with Karen in tow) to Scranton this week.

Claire Zulkey

You're the asshole, John. unless you buy a shirt.


How about if I boycott both teams and root for Tim/Dawn instead?


in the end, you know it will be another tim/dawn.


Wow-I thought I was Team Pam until I read this. Dammit. Now I'm conflicted. And I thought I was the only one who thought Roy suddenly got hot-when he came to the Diwali festival and saw Pam dancing and then turned around and left, my heart really went out to the big lug.


team andy!


Over the summer they revealed that Angela has a thing for Roy. Wouldn't it be a great storyline to have Angela start a triangle romance storyline between Roy and Dwight? The awesome things Dwight may do to compete. It would give us something to think about until Pam and Jim are finally together.


I *might* be leaning to team Karen....


Wow! Way to much time on your hands. Just enjoy the ride!


Pam had her chance with Jim and she blew it. GO KAREN:)

I hate when girl's play hard to get and can't make up their minds. Once they see they have lost something then they get interested.


Alexa Grace

This argument has about as much credibility as "Scully and Skinner -- whoo yay". So Karen's assertive? Who cares? They could just as well have named her Annoying Plot Device.

Roy and Pam together again. Surely you jest.

Long-time listener, first time-caller

I'm on Team Pam (i think). It's a bit scary, since I consider myself a rational person, but have trouble separating Jenna Fischer from Pam. Ex: Have you seen Lollilove?? If Pam has the same sense of humor as Jenna, then I'm definately on Team Pam. Also Pam/Jenna left me a "happy birthday" comment on mySpace. I know, it's screwed up logic, but for now, I'm on Team Pam. Also, on Jim, I like how they hint that Jim is awesome and with it, but it's not over-the-top. The exact contrast would be Seth Cohen, i.e. we all know Jim listens to This American Life and indie-rock, we don't need him to name-drop everything.


Can we look at this from Jim's POV? If he ends up with Pam, and Karen sticks around, Pam will drive Jim crazy because she is intimidated by Karen and fears she will take Jim away (like when they go on sales trips together...). But if Jim gets Karen, then he can still be friends with Pam, because Karen won't be as jealous of her. However, the point about Karen getting bored with Jim does make sense, and that's probably how the show will go, Jim with Karen and Pam on the outside until Karen drops him to go produce records with her father.


I was on Team Pam, too, until the Diwali episode and Roy broke my heart a little. Now I think I'm on Team Roy. Which, I suppose, throws my allegiance to Team Karen by default.

John Green

I feel that it is necessary to respond to some of the above commenters:

1. Sam: Pam was not playing hard to get. She was ENGAGED. Breaking an engagement is a very difficult thing to do (unless you are my former fiancee, in which case it is fun and easy.) Anyway, Pam had to think long and hard about it before dumping Roy in the off-season.

2. Aaron: Your implication that Karen is hotter than Pam is appalling.

3. Nichole: Oh, come on. Roy can't ever love Pam like she deserves. I love Roy, and I want Roy to be happy, but no way can Pam and Roy ever have a fulfilling life together. Roy needs someone a little tougher, a little more brash: What Roy needs, in short, is Karen.


1) Ellegue: My thoughts exactly. Roy mentioned in the parking lot the hottest person in the office was Angela. And Angela mentioned in another episode that she thought Roy was the hottest. No one - besides Pam - has a clue about Dwangela.

I would love to see the craziness ensue when Roy moves in on Angela - and in their demented minds Dwight and Angela decide that she should do a date to keep their love hidden. Oh, the insanity.

Pam. all. the. way.

Although I would rather see this sequence. Three-way sexual tension for 5 episodes. Then with still no signal from Pam; Karen + Jim hotness...then she chews him up and spits him out...and broken, heartwrecked Jim is nursed back to health by Pam who has been waiting for him all along.



Team Karen. She is smoking hot and has the voice of a women who drinks. Plus when she imitated Jim looking into the camera, I fell in love.

D High

Let's not forget that for two seasons, Pam has flirted and given Jim blue balls. Then she just runs off to Roy. It was definitely flirting, and my boy Jim does not deserve some trick like that. Go Karen!


Here's the deal: I love Pam and Karen is seemingly even cooler. However, Pam had her chance. She broke Jim's heart and wouldn't admit her true feelings, though we could ALL see it! Karen, on the hand, has already admitted (though not to Jim) that she "kind of into him." She deserves Jim; Pam lost her chance. Sorry Pam, but it's KAREN TIME!

laura schrute

But how much better would it be if Karen went after Ryan instead? Then we'd get crazy Kelly fallout galore, Dwight in crisis management mode, and Jim and Pam's boring fruitless flirting could continue for seasons and seasons!


Hey, I want to buy a TEAM PAM shirt, but I was just wondering about the sizing... where are the shirts from? And the sizes are unisex, right? Thanks!

Also, you people denouncing Pam for "leading Jim on" are crazy in the head. Wouldn't you rather have a girlfriend who's loyal and would never cheat on her fiance?


I think the reason why people are so pro-Karen and Jim is b/c they feel like Pam had her chance and now it's Karen's turn. I don't see it that way. Pam was engaged, for God's sake. I mean, she was realistic in turning Jim down. But she's made a lot of progress and has truly become the Fancy New Beesly. She's not the insecure, dependent woman anymore, but she's more assertive and looks like she's prepared for the fight. Come on, there's a reason why Jim fell for her, and that's just not going to disappear.

Look, i think Jim should give Karen a try, only b/c that just means that Pam has to fight for Jim and earn Jim back. It would be too easy if Jim just stayed single. No, she has to fight for Jim while he's w/ Karen like he did while she was w/ Roy. Karen is needed for competition. Pam needs some competition!

Karen is merely the catalyst for Jim and Pam's inevitable relationship. Yes, that sounded cold and analytical, but it's true.


Pam is the type of girl you could marry and settle down with.

Karen is the type of girl you'd cheat on pam with.

go karen

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