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October 12, 2006



You have a most glorious name and an awesome blog! Glad to have found it!


imaginary dana

Definitely "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton." How can you argue with a title like that? (And by "you" I don't specifically mean you as in you Lindsey, but the generic you of music fan humanity).

Though when I say nice to e-meet you, I do mean *you*, as in Lindsey. I just found your blog through the Typepad homepage and see much good stuff to explore!

And I will stop now before I get too excessively complimentary... ;)

marie marie

Kind of obvious but No Children, Going to Georgia, and that live cover of "I saw the sign".

Harold Check

cubs in five, jenny, horseradish road


Game Shows Touch Our Lives(!)

& possibly equally

You or Your Memory


This Year


I have to say Going to Utrecht. There's definitely something fabulous about it.


Love "No Children". That's a song with some bite. Weirdly, it sort of reminds me of the songs Maltby and Shire write for the stage. It's weird--palpable pain papered over with acerbic wit--Darnielle's just a genius at getting you going in a couple different directions at once.

chris ives

Second for No Children. I like Against Pollution too.


Palmcorder Yanja - "every couple minutes someone says he can't stand it anymore, laugh lines on our faces, scale maps of the ocean floor" - amazing...


The most obvious, Sound of Music!


Probably the first song I heard that got me listening. "No Children"


*the recognition scene*


Game Shows Touch Our Lives, Cotton & Against Pollution. His cover of I Saw The Sign is very cool as well. And tell Emily that, speaking as someone who's historically been in healthy relationships and never addicted to heroin that part of the allure of John's lyrics is that you get to step into someone else's life for three and a half minutes and have feelings that you're unlikely to experience on your own (let's hope). It's like the opposite of 'this song totally gets me.'

spencer Sloan

i'll go two princes with "dance music."


"No Children," though I've never heard it performed live and I'm always annoyed by that.

"Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton" is the song that got me interested in the first place. And though I've fallen off the Mountain Goats bandwagon (in some ways because I saw him live too much and also because the fans started to scare me), I'm eager to be reinvigorated next month at the Daily Show show.


Cubs in Five, Best Ever Death Metal Band out of Denton, See America Right, No Children, Oceanographer's Choice.


1. The Mess Inside
2. There Will Be No Divorce
3. Color In Your Cheeks
4. The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton
5. Horseradish Road
6. Diluadid
7. Cubs In Five

There are so many but I have to cut myself off here!

Someone needs to bring up Golden Boy Peanuts.



"There Will Be No Divorce," hands down.


Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton, Half Dead, and a cover of The Boys Are Back in Town


pure heat, noctifer birmingham, going to georgia, alpha omega


Surprised there's not more mention of Dilaudid. But good to see that No Children is getting its due. Also Distant Stations, Song for Dennis Brown and Young Thousands.


Love Love Love - from The Sunset Tree

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