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September 18, 2006


Uncle Grambo

I only watch CBS when they're actively promoting racism. Obvs.


More trivia, I totally went to high school with Josh Radnor's sister. Would've gone with him, but he was 4 years older.


I watched "HIMYM" tonight per your suggestion, and it was pretty funny. A little cheesy, but that's tempered with laughs. Plus, I still have a soft spot in my heart for Neil Patrick Harris.


Loved it last night. Perfection! Hope all is well.


I just had a dark moment where I contemplated sending an update on my supersuccessful life to the Kenyon alumni magazine, then decided *not* to be the main character in Home Land by Sam Lipsyte. Thanks, Lindsay!!

John Green

More trivia: I had a huge crush on Josh Radnor's sister in college.

Also: Josh Radnor's sister has an exboyfriend who is married to one of my exgirlfriends.

Furthermore: I once got really drunk with Josh Radnor's sister's (can we just call her Joanna for clarity's sake?) husband.

Also: The premier of HIMYM was fantastic.

the g

i regularly refer to bald dudes with glasses as "not-Mobys" now. I'm hoping for some sort of dramatic run-in with one on the street sometime soon.


Josh is so cute, is he single?

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