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August 28, 2006



File under "why do I remember this shit, and not the names of any of my pre-third-grade teachers??": I always confuse Weltschmertz with Mittelschmertz, which is the pain that, for some women, accompanies ovulation. In 'Heartburn,' the Nora Ephron book that introduced me to this word, the protagonist cutesily calls
Mittelschmertz "Ethelmertz." All three sound dischargey to me.


I could have sworn Spy magazine went under before Might went under, but judging from your clip, maybe I've got it confused.

I applied for an internship at Spy but they went under two months after my interview. I started writing a letter to Might to try to get an internship there, but they went under before I even finished the letter (it was kind of a long letter). I've since stopped seeking internships at magazines I like, for fear of their safety.


From Wikipedia:
Spy: After one folding and rebirth, it closed for good in 1998.
Might: Might went out of business in 1997.

So you're probably thinking of the folding of the original Spy, which is the one most people think of when they revere it, which I, of course, didn't know about in 1997, because I was dumb.

But have you considered trying for an internship at New York?

secret wombat

My heart skipped a beat when I discovered weltschmertz (the word, not the feeling; I discovered the feeling eons ago) earlier this year. German words often make me happy.

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