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June 14, 2006



Dear, Mrs. Robertson :)

I have just finished reading your article, of which is very well writtin....I have just one problem with it.You see, I am an indigo child. Go ahead, laugh.
When I was three years old, I began to tell my mother about my past lives and about my true home. I told her about the colors that i can see around people ( auras).....i can understand your scrutiny about this topic, but don't you think that this might be going a little tooo far?
I believe in pretty much everything that christians do, except for some differences. 1. no hell. You plan your whole life when you are still in the temple of records.( mother, father, lesson to be learned)2. recarnation.3. spirits come to visit us all of the time!
now. I am not writing this to be rude, but I actually am an honor roll student.
:) Please enjoy every little thing in your life, someday you will look back and think about how selfish the world used to be. This is why we are here. to fix what has gone wrong.

Love and Light, =)
,12 y/o

Andi Loveall

This is absolutely ridiculous. I am an indigo and was not like that as a child. My parents never even knew what was going on with me and they did not try and label me as "special". You know nothing about what it means to be indigo and I find it terribly sad you are so full of hate that you would ridicule something you have no clue about. If you would like to speak to a real indigo (not a CHILD either. I am 26 years old) feel free to contact me.

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