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August 07, 2009



I was there last time he played in Tallahassee, it was like my second show here. He was pretty good, but a bunch of assholes kept yelling "NO CHILDREN!" trying to get him to play it. I like "No Children," but I'm glad he didn't cave to the assholes' demands. Anyway after the second encore, when he walked offstage, he walked right by me and I'm pretty sure he was crying. All in all it was an awesome show, and an awesome night.

An American Patriot

HEY LINDSAY, love the BLOG. I had a QUESTION FOR you though. As you MAY OR MAY not BE aware, I am WRITING A novel. I was WONDERING IF I had YOUR permission to use LINDSAY Robertson as A CHARACTER in the story.


You could just let ME KNOW ON here or shoot ME AN EMAIL at AnAmPatriot@gmail.com thanks LINDSAY!


Be proud Lindsay, I work for student activities at my school and booked him right off the bat for the fall semester.

Apparently Final Fantasy is headlining though...

jenn/"tough titties turkleton"

YES!! See you at the Bell House lindsay!! the mountain goats are my favorite band too.

also, Andy: he plays no children all the time!

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