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July 05, 2009



Well, I guess we're not gonna hear anything from this one.


Lindsay I was downtown (Pittsburgh) the day this was happening and saw a man sprint across a crosswalk, seemingly normal, except for the FURRY TAIL protruding from the back of his pants. I thought to myself, "There is no way that has to do with Furries, and yet, it probably has to do with Furries." When I later heard about the Furry convention I thought of you, as well as "That's a thing??"

P.S. Miss you! Vgum is not the same without you! Literally! Nothing even works!


yea - videogum is on the fritz.

but these furries are all having sexy with mascot heads on. that's what no one wanted to say.
and they (not-so-)secretly want to screw animals.

there. the furry cat's out the bag.


ahahaha i love how the girl in a blue dog costume with an orange mane is telling us about how it is a place to be yourself.


Soo, Carrie, since you obviously know about it, I'd like to know how?

If you were in close enough to know it's happening (i.e. watch), then what were you doing there? I'm betting not sitting around doing nothing.

Sorry, I just think it's funny how everyone who isn't a fur HAPPENS to know everything about what goes down there. Nobody ever points out that to be able to SEE what they're claiming happened, they were obviously involved, or don't really know.

Secondly, every group has fringe members. it gets tiring being stereotyped for what two or three guys who aren't the majority do.


Are there avian furries, or are they a separate thing, because of the feathers? Foghorn Leghorn needs love, too.


It was a blast! Most people don't get it but there are so many different things to do at anthro, there is something for about anyone.
They are only showing fursuiters in the video but only about 10% of the conventioneers do the fursuit thing... the rest just have fursuit envy.


To Andy:

Yes, there are avian furries. We have a fair number of griffins, as well. This year, you could spot a tern, a shoebill, eagles, griffins, and an archaeopteryx, among others.


Looks like that situation was getting pretty hairy (sorry).


Furry rap:



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