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November 10, 2006


John Green

Everything that's wrong with the publishing industry can be summed up in this conversational snippet:

Claire Zulkey: What's in the works for you for the future?

Pereze Hilton: I'm writing a book.

Claire Zulkey: What's it about?

Perez Hilton: I don't know yet.

someone who totally isn't Emily

$20 is a bargain. Has Julia Allison taken you up on it yet?


(sorry if this space is just for your friends - wasn't sure of that)

>>I don't know why my dear Claire is giving this fucktard more attention, but at least he comes off badly. Like, really really badly.<<

Me agree.

First I tell myself - "well, the guy makes a living - and is getting famous"

Then, thankfully, I tell myself, "So do some pimps in West Hollywood"

Little Miss Westchester

OH NO! I AM a blog geek. Although there ARE worse things I could be, I guess. A Team Paris and/or Team Nicole member, for instance. I imagine that would be SO much worse.

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